Joining the MTED AAU program is much more than just joining a basketball team, it is a family. The team brings us girls together, teaching us how to take care of each other both on and off the court. I always look forward to going to practice for us to work as a team and improve our skills. Come game time, you can see the great chemistry that is formed. For the past five years that I have been a part of the program, Dan Norton has devoted himself to coaching my showcase team, and every week he has pushed me to my full potential. Thanks to his coaching, encouragement, and endless knowledge of the game, I am proud to say I am playing college basketball at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I would never have been able to elevate my game or become the shooter I am today without Dan's mentoring, and playing for MTED was the best decision I have made to continue my basketball career at the next level. 

- Sam McGibbon, MTED Alum


After only one season, it is easy for me to see that MTED acts as a family with integrity and tremendous sportsmanship! We are lucky to be part of that family. The Ducks are your heart,   that comes through in all of your players and coaching. Jessie is a Duck for life!  MTED has amazing coaches! I look forward to seeing her grow as an athlete and as a person!! 

- Randi Laflamme, 4th Grade Parent 

This is our oldest daughter's sixth season playing for the MTED program. We could not be more impressed with the improvement in our daughter's fundamental basketball skills and with her growth as a player. The MTED program focuses on working as a team and building strong interpersonal relationships between the players. Our daughter's involvement playing with the Ducks has strengthened her confidence and has had a significant positive impact on her as a basketball player. We are excited for our younger daughter to play for the Ducks next year!

-The Gills, 5th and 8th Grade parent


As a parent when you're looking for a program and a coach you look for Basketball knowledge, ability to develop individual, team skills and personal attention. My daughter Bella has been playing for MT Elite and now MT Elite Ducks since she was 10 years old and now she's a freshman. Coach Nagle is a true Basketball junkie. He lives, breathes and dreams Basketball. He has been able to develop my daughter's skills as well as her true understanding of the game. He has the unique ability to keep the game fun while inspiring accountability and effort. We have stayed with the same AAU program for these reasons and are excited for this season

-Allen Hamdan, HS Parent

Our daughter joined MTED three years ago when she was in fifth grade. Her playing skills were immediately enhanced in the program. Dan is detail oriented, focused and tough.  At the same time, he has a sense of humor and seems to instinctively know when to encourage and when to take a moment to teach.  It was also great to see our daughter make new friends from other towns and to see how easily they support each other and enjoy the tournaments.  Most important for us is the increase in confidence our daughter has developed from playing in the MTED program that has become part of all that she does - school work, interacting with peers, or playing an intense game. It has been a very positive experience on many levels.

- Peter Ferrara, 8th Grade Parent 


My fourth grader decided to not play fall soccer this year, she wanted to play basketball. I found many AAU websites, but decided to try MTED for her.  Her skills improved greatly.  So much so, that that she is one of the top point scorers in her school league this winter.  We were so impressed with our youngest daughter's improvement, that we put our ninth grader in to a skills clinic prior to her High school basketball tryouts.  Our ninth grader went from making the freshman team last year (she was in eighth grade at the time) to becoming a starter this year!! This program is awesome!!  I refer to the MTED coaching staff as the basketball whisperers! If your child is into basketball this is the program for them!

- Anonymous, 4th and 9th Grade Parent


Our daughter Mia has played for Coach Dan Nagle for four years.  Through those years she has had tremendous growth in a number of ways.  Her success can be directly related to Coach Nagle’s ability to coach young women.  Her skills continue to get better though this program and she continues to develop in her confidence and her success on and off the court. The common thread throughout this journey is the consistent support and guidance of her former coach.  His support, coupled with the philosophy, style, and determination that she has gained through the MT Elite Ducks program will continue to promote long lasting life lessons.   We look forward to ongoing development and future success with the MTED Family.

-Eric DiBiase, HS parent


Our 9th Grade daughter has played for MTED since fourth grade.  It has been amazing watching Dan and the other coaches help her identify and develop her basketball skills. Dan's coaching style is very direct which makes it easy for Katie to understand and learn. Katie says she would not play for anyone else and from our standpoint, having seen all the different coaching styles at the numerous tournaments, we definitely would not have her play for anyone else. The MTED organization has fueled her passion for the game, commitment to hard work and desire to do well all while helping her keep a smile on her face.

-The Galligans, 9th Grade Parent

I have played for MTED since 6th grade and had Dan Norton as my coach each year. Everything about my experience has been wonderful. The coaches preached about how development of skills was more beneficial than winning every game. Although we may have not won every game, I believe that I developed as both a person and as a player. The MTED AAU program showed me that it's okay to be who you are, whether you are very outgoing, or slightly shy. If I could do it over and go back to sixth grade, I would make the exact same choice. I have met some of my best friends from this program, and I know that these are friends to last. I am very sad that my AAU career has ended, but I owe my future career to Dan Norton and the MTED Family!

- Janey Mathisen, MTED Alum 

My name is Lanie Albert and I have played with the MTED program and have had Dan as my coach for 6 seasons. Joining the Ducks was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my basketball career. Dan is the best coach I have ever had. He will never give up on you, if you're struggling with something in basketball he is always there to sit down and talk with you. I have become a much better player than I ever was before. Dan was able to take my skills and build upon them turning me into a player who is confident, not only with the ball but with what I am doing on the court. I have also met some of my bestfriend's through the Ducks. I don't know how else I would have met them if it wasn't for the program. If you truly love basketball and want to make a commitment try-out believe me you will never regret it. You will meet people who will become very close to you as well as coaches like Betsy, Robyn, and Amy that you will never forget. Before Ducks I was scared of driving to the basket or even taking a shot from farther away than I was use too. Now I am a very confident shooter and player. I know with every mistake I make the better I become in the long run. Ducks changed my life and I hope you give yourself the chance for it to change yours. 

- Lanie Albert, 8th Grade Player

My daughter has been a player for the MTED program for 4 years and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this program. The team of coaches have truly mastered their craft. Through hard work, practice and natural talent, they've developed an awesome player through my daughter. In the last four years her MTED coaches have been able to make her a more confident and passionate player who's determined to only get better. All these traits that  we are thankful for,  she possesses on and off the court.  We will always be a part of the MTED program!

- Paul Pinheiro, 8th Grade Parent


MT Elite/MT Elite Ducks has been a great basketball program for our daughter. She has played 5 seasons with this program and her game has significantly improved since starting AAU with them. The coaches are top notch and have great basketball knowledge. From the beginning, we felt the coaches instilled a great work ethic in the girls. Practices are built around improving overall team play and working as a cohesive group. We admire how the coaches share their love for the game, build confidence within their players, and have a lot of fun doing it!

-Doug & Kerry Rapose-HS Player

I started with the MTED program in 7th grade with limited skills but a strong desire to learn. From day one, Dan Norton and the ducks coaches taught me how to succeed. They taught me how to use my individual strengths for the betterment of the team. Even when struggling, they never gave up on me and would not let me give up on myself. With their coaching, teaching, and encouragement they improved my game to the point where I made varsity my freshman year in high school and finished as one of the captains of my team. I can't thank the MTED program enough for helping me to grow as a player and most of all as a person who knows what it takes to succeed. Thank you MTED!  Shannon Mannion, MTED Alum

We first got introduced to the MTED program and Dan Norton when our daughter attended a summer clinic.  We were sold immediately and our daughter has been playing with the MTED for 6 seasons.  Previously, she played for another AAU team and it's night and day.  It's been incredible to see her grow.  We like the professional coaches philosophy because there's no favoritism.  You earn your playing time by practicing hard.  Dan creates a good team atmosphere, is a good game coach (plays to win but not at the expense of anyone), and coaches them up.  We have won several local and national championships under his leadership.  The other coaches in the MTED program are also great and share the same coaching philosophies.  In addition to skills development, he has also given our daughter the confidence in her game and helped her grow as a person.  Under Dan's coaching, he gave her the skills needed to start as a Freshman for her High School Varsity team.We would highly recommend the Ducks to anyone looking to be part of a winning organization. 
- The Stantons, 10th Grade Parent